Bookshelf by VitalSource version 9.4 - Page Navigation Improvements for Mobile Apps

Bookshelf by VitalSource version 9.4 - Page Navigation Improvements for Mobile Apps

The way that students read digital textbooks is constantly evolving. At Bookshelf, we strive to provide the experience and tools that our users need for an optimal reading experience. We are excited to announce that, based on user feedback, we have improved the page navigation experience in Bookshelf version 9.4 in our Android and iOS mobile apps.


Continuous Scroll

For users who like to scroll through the book as they read, we have added continuous scroll navigation to EPUB and PDF books. To turn continuous scroll on, tap Aa on the top navigation bar and toggle the Continuous Scroll option to the on position. As you read, you will be able to scroll vertically through the book. At the end of each page, the next page will automatically load. Continuous scroll will remain on for a particular book until you open the Aa button and toggle Continuous Scroll off.




If you scroll quickly through the pages in a book, a “Jump to Next” or “Jump to Previous” button will display. Tapping this button will allow you to skip to the next or previous chapter, depending on the direction in which you are scrolling.




Note: In fixed page books, we have removed the Fit Width and Fit Height toggles. Fixed page books will automatically default to fit the width of the device screen. Additionally, when Continuous Scroll is turned on, facing pages will be disabled on the tablet view.




Page Navigation Improvements

To make it easier to change pages in a book with a fixed page layout, such as PDFs, we have added new page navigation gestures. In addition to swiping left or right, you can now turn the page by tapping the right or left side of the device screen.




When you zoom in on a fixed layout/PDF book, we have disabled the page swipe gesture to avoid accidentally turning the page when panning around the text. To turn the page when zoomed, tap the arrows along the scrubber bar or pan to the edge of the book page and tap the right or left side of the device screen.




System Requirements

Continuous scroll and PDF navigation improvements will be available on Bookshelf version 9.4 running iOS version 12+ or Android 5+ operating systems.