How to refer a sampled title to your students

How to refer a sampled title to your students

The Faculty Sampling Portal allows verified instructors to sample titles from a catalog of thousands of exam copies. 

VitalSource makes it easy for your students to locate and purchase titles sampled from the Faculty Sampling Portal.  

Referring VitalSource eTextbooks to Students

  • Log in to using your Faculty Sampling Portal credentials. 
  • Find the title you want to recommend to your students
  • Click the arrow under the title of the book, and select Refer to Students.
  • Copy the link in the Refer to Student Pop-up Window
  • Paste the link in your LMS, in an email to your students, or in a group chat.

The Refer to Student link takes the guesswork out of finding a copy of the textbook you are using, and your students will have immediate access to the title once they complete their purchase. 

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