Bookshelf 9.4 - Highlighting is Even Easier on Bookshelf Mobile Apps

Highlighting is Even Easier on Bookshelf Mobile Apps

Bookshelf provides users with the tools they need to get the most from their study time. Highlighting as you read is considered a best practice when studying and we are excited to announce that we have improved highlighting in Bookshelf version 9.4 of our Android and iOS mobile apps.


Highlighting Text

To highlight text, tap and hold your finger on a word, then drag the endpoints over the desired text. On the menu that displays, select Highlight and then the color circles to select a highlighter color. Subsequent highlights will automatically use your most recent highlighter. To change the highlighter color, tap the highlighted passage, then the color circles on the highlight menu and the new highlighter. To dismiss the menu, tap anywhere outside of the menu.




Adding a Highlighter


To add a new highlighter, tap the settings icon on the highlight menu. On the Manage Highlighters screen, tap the + icon and select a new highlighter color and enter the name, and tap Add. Note: Bookshelf accounts created on a mobile device will have four default highlighters while those created in Online accounts will have two highlighters.




Editing Your Highlighters

You can edit the highlighter name and change its color using the settings icon from the highlight menu. Click the Done button to save your changes.




Fast Highlighting

If you prefer making highlights as you select the text, use the Fast Highlighting tool located in the Aa menu along the top navigation bar. Toggle the Fast Highlighting option to the on position and tap outside the menu. Long press and drag your finger over the text to highlight using your most recent highlighter color. Fast highlighting will remain on until you tap the Aa menu and toggle the Fast Highlighting option to the off position.




System Requirements

Highlighting improvements will be available on Bookshelf version 9.4 running iOS version 11+ or Android 5+ operating systems.