Markup Comes to Bookshelf® by VitalSource

Markup Comes to Bookshelf® by VitalSource

The way that students read digital textbooks is constantly evolving. At Bookshelf, we strive to always provide the tools that you need for an optimal reading experience. We are excited to announce that, based on user feedback, we have added Markup on Bookshelf version 9.4 Android as a beta feature.


Navigating to the Markup Panel

Use Markup to draw and highlight on PDF books using your stylus or finger. To open the Markup panel, tap the Markup icon on the top navigation bar.




Markup will be enabled, and various tool icons will be displayed.




Using the Marker, Highlight, and Erase Tools

Tap the Marker icon to begin drawing or writing on your PDF book using the default marker settings. While Markup is on, the top and bottom reader toolbars will be hidden until you close the Markup panel by tapping “X.” Page swipe and zoom gestures will also be disabled until the panel is closed.




To change the marker settings, tap the Marker icon to expose the color and thickness options.




To highlight text, tap the Highlight icon and drag your Apple Pencil across the text. To change the settings, tap the icon to expose highlight color and thickness options.




If you need to erase a drawing or highlight, tap the Eraser icon. By default, the eraser will erase only the areas that you drag your finger over. If you wish to erase the entire mark at one time, tap the Eraser icon and select “Erase entire stroke.”




Saving Your Work

The Markup beta feature will initially be available only on Android tablets, but marks will sync and be viewable on Android phones. Marks will not sync to Bookshelf Online, Windows, or Mac platforms. Any marks made on your PDF books will save automatically to your book page; they will not be visible in your notebook.

Providing Feedback

As a beta feature, Markup is still in the experimental stage. Based on your feedback, we will continue to evolve the available tools and improve performance. Be sure to let us know aspects of Markup that you enjoy and functionality that you would like added or improved!




The Details

As you use Markup, keep these key points in mind:

  • Markup beta is available only in PDF-style books.
  • While in the Markup panel, some reader features, such as the top and bottom reader toolbars and page swipe and zoom gestures, will not be available.
  • Marks are saved automatically and will sync across your Android devices.
  • Provide feedback as you use the tool to continue to improve.

System Requirements

Markup is only available on PDF-style books using Bookshelf version 9.4 running Android version 5+.