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What is the Table of Contents view?

The Table of Content view will give you the option to navigate your eTextBook by chapter/section.

Note: The Table of Content View may not be available due to our Partnering Publisher's choice to not include page numbers within their source file. VitalSource cannot update a source file because the publisher owns the copyrighted material.


How do I open the Table of Content View?

You will select the following icon to open or close the Table of Content view.






How do I collapse and expand the Table of Content view?

The default view of the Table of Contents view is in Collapse view. This view only shows the main chapters/sections of the eTextBook. If the eTextBook is in the "Expand" view, you will click on "Collapse" to collapse the content.

Selecting "Expand" gives you a view of all the sections within each chapter/section of the eTextBook. Note: not all eTextBook will show the collapse option within the Table of Contents. 

Note: Not all eTextBook will show the expand option within the Table of Contents.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-22_at_6.20.10_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-22_at_6.20.30_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-22_at_6.20.58_AM.png
Collapse View   Expand View   No Option


How do I know where I am located in the eTextBook through the Table of Content view?

The blue bar to the right of the chapter/section/page indicates where the eTextBook has been navigated.






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