Bookshelf eTextBook Reader Highlighter Sharing Preferences

Can I share highlights and notes?

The Highlighter Sharing settings are within the Reader Preferences of an eTextBook view. There you can share your highlights or unshare them, or manage the highlighters you may be following.




How do I share highlights I have created?

Go to the Highlights option in the Reader Preferences of an eTextBook and select the highlighter you would like to be public/sharable.




After you click/tap on the highlighter you would like to make sharable, you will place a checkmark next to Public by clicking on the option box between the name of the highlight and "Public." Then select "Save" to save the option.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-10_at_4.44.00_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-10_at_4.44.11_PM.png


After you have selected "Save," you will see the following icon within your highlighter's color:






To remove, you will click on the highlighter, uncheck the "Public" option and "Save" the option. A Highlighter that is not being shared will not have the double head and shoulders within the highlighter color:




How do I share my highlights?

After you have a highlighter shared, you can go to the Sharing tab of the Reader Preferences. Then select the "Copy share link," that link can then be sent to someone through email or sent as a text message. The person you are sharing with will need to have the same ISBN/Vbk of the eTextBook you have highlights within.





The link you will be copy/pasting into an email, etc. will look like the following:


How do I follow someone's highlights?

To follow someone's highlights, you will need the email address associated with their Bookshelf account, and you will also need to have in your Bookshelf Library the same ISBN/Vbk they have highlights they are sharing. From that eTextBook, you will go into the Sharing tab of the Reader Preferences.




When you follow someone, you will see the following:




To unfollow, select the "X" to the right of the name carried over from the other's account.



Please let us know if you need further assistance by contacting our Support Team.

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