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Can I bookmark a page in a Bookshelf eTextBook?

An eTextBook page can be Bookmarked using the following icon in any eTextBook or using the "+" icon in the Bookmarks Workbook section of an eTextBook.






How do I view my eTextBook Bookmarks?

To view your Bookmarks, you will use the following icon to open the Workbook. Then you will select the Bookmark tab to see the page or pages you have Bookmarked in your My Bookmarks section of an eTextBook. Selecting the Bookmark will take you to the page bookmarked.






How do I remove an eTextBook Bookmark?

You will need to be in the Bookmarks Workbook section of your eTextBook. Locate the Bookmark you would like to remove in the My Bookmarks section, and hover over the Bookmark, a delete icon (a trashcan) will appear. You will then use click on the trashcan to remove the Bookmark.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-13_at_2.35.58_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-07-13_at_2.36.12_PM.png


How do I add a Bookmark in the eTextBook Workbook?

You can use the "+" icon to the right of the My Bookmarks title to add a Bookmark of the page you are currently on as well.






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