Bookshelf eTextBook Margin Notes

What is an eTextBook's Margin Notes?

The following icon opens the current viewed section's Margin Notes. These are the notes you make when Highlighting your eTextBook.






Why do my Margin Notes go away when I change pages in my eTextBook?

You will only see Notes for the current section of the eTextBook you are on in. When there are no Notes created for the section of eTextBook, you are in the Margin Notes will be empty.






How do I close the Margin Notes section of my eTextBook?

You will use the following icon to close the Margin Notes section of your eTextBook.






How do I know if I have a Note(s) in this section of the eTextBook I am in?

You will see the following icon to the right of the text in your eTextBook. The icon's color will depend on the color of the Highlight used to create the Note. Selecting this icon will open the Margin Notes section as well.







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