Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Features


What features does the Bookshelf iOS Application have?

Display Options

Study Tools


Additional Features

Table of Content view

Manipulation of Text Size

Manipulation of Font Type

View Mode






Search by word or phrase

Multiple page navigation options

Read Aloud


Note: Some Display Options are dependent on the Reflowable or Fixed eTextBook format.


How do I open an eTextBook?

Upon opening the Bookshelf iOS application, the first view will be a login window:




Once you have logged into Bookshelf, you can select the eTextBook you need to study by selecting the eTextBook's cover. If the eTextBook has not been loaded to your device, you will see an icon showing that it is downloading; once it has been downloaded, you will see a checkmark icon in the upper right of the cover page.


IMG_3726.jpg   IMG_3727.jpg   IMG_3728.jpg
Not Downloaded   Downloading   Downloaded


Once an eTextBook is downloaded to your device, you can select the eTextBook by tapping on the cover, and it will go to the cover page if you have not previously opened the eTextBook.




How do I go back to the main library view?

You will use the Table of Content icon to get to the Library view link.


IMG_CF7F9BA01D82-1.jpeg Screen_Shot_2021-08-03_at_10.09.21_AM.png IMG_5779550E0CE7-1.jpeg Screen_Shot_2021-08-03_at_10.09.51_AM.png IMG_962AFB77B182-1.jpeg


What does each of the icons in the open eTextBook view mean?

We go over some of the following in further detail in other articles covering Bookshelf Online.



Table of Contents shows the chapters/sections of the eTextBook.


Search Across Book allows you to search words and phrases.


Bookmark Page allows you to place a bookmark on the current page displayed.


Reader Preferences allows you to customize how the eTextBook is displayed on your device, and manipulate Highlights.


Workbook (Highlights, Notes, Bookmarks, and Flashcards) is where the studying tools reside.


More Options has What's New, Help, Feedback, and My Account links.


Page Navigation allows you to scroll to a desired page of the eTextBook.


Go to Page / Page Navigation allows for more controlled page navigation.


Read Aloud allows the book to be narrated to you.



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