Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Table of Content View

What is the Table of Contents view?

The Table of Content view will give you the option to navigate your eTextBook by chapter/section.

Note: The Table of Content View may not be available due to our Partnering Publisher's choice to not include page numbers within their source file. VitalSource cannot update a source file because the publisher owns the copyrighted material.


How do I open the Table of Content View?

You will select the following icon to open or close the Table of Content view.






How do I collapse or expand the Table of Content view?

The default view of the Table of Contents view is in Collapse view. This view only shows the main chapters/sections of the eTextBook. If the eTextBook is in the "Expand" view, you will click on "Collapse" to collapse the content.

Selecting "Expand" gives you a view of all the sections within each chapter/section of the eTextBook.

Note: Not all eTextBook will show the expand option within the Table of Contents.


IMG_3725.jpg   IMG_3724.jpg   IMG_3722.jpg
Collapse View   Expand View   No Option


How do I know where I am located in the eTextBook through the Table of Content view?

The blue bar to the right of the chapter/section/page indicates where the eTextBook has been navigated.






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