Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Search

How do I search in an eTextBook in Bookshelf Online?

You can search by word or phrase by selecting the following icon and entering the word or phrase. Search results are categorized as Content, Figures, and Workbook.



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After selecting the search icon you will see the following when you tap within the "Search across book" you will get the next window.   This is where you will enter the word or phrase you want to search.   When the results populate you only have to select one of the results to be taken to the page the word or phrase appears in the eTextBook.


How do you search across the book by phrase?

Type the phrase you would like to locate in the search window and use the Serch option in the Bookshelf iOS application to search the word.





How do I locate each type of search result within the eTextBook?

The results for either a word or phrase search will display with the chapter/section of the word or phrase and its location in by Content, Figures, or Workbook. You can Expand or Collapse the chapter/sections to help narrow the results view.


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Content search results display the text result(s) of a word or phrase search.   Figure search results display the figure result(s) of a word or phrase search.   Workbook search results display the Highlight/Note result(s) of a word or phrase search.



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