Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Reader Display Preferences

How do I change the way the eTextBook displays in the Bookshelf iOS application?

Each eTextBook has Reader Preferences that allow you to change the eTextBook look by giving options to manipulate the eTextBook's text and overall look of the eTextBook. In addition, allow you to change the Highlighter options and share them or follow other's Highlights.

Please note: what is shown below is while viewing an eTextBook that is Reflowable (ePub) formated. At the end of the article, we show the Reader Display Preferences for a Fixed (Pbk) eTextBook format.


How do I get to the Reader Display Preferences in an eTextBook?

You will select the following icon to open the Reader Preferences in an eTextBook and verify that "Display" is underlined.




What are the different options in the Reader Display Preferences?

You can manipulate the text size, type of font, background color, margins, and spacing between the lines of text.


Text Size Display Options




IMG_747A48BBE85A-1.jpeg   IMG_48F7F2DA38A0-1.jpeg   IMG_4588DC21488A-1.jpeg   IMG_4588DC21488A-1.jpeg


Font Display Types


Sans Serif   Old Style   Modern
IMG_D1839410E6E5-1.jpeg   IMG_C85A4F696DE9-1.jpeg   IMG_D7F171998246-1.jpeg
Humanist   Monospace   OpenDyslexic
IMG_547B29E51542-1.jpeg   IMG_78C5B7999E0F-1.jpeg   IMG_815A42DBF4AD-1.jpeg


Display Mode Options


Day   Night   Sepia   Cyan
IMG_94DE5C0D88EA-1.jpeg   IMG_9E1168AA0EA8-1.jpeg   IMG_DC7D58314845-1.jpeg   IMG_128D0EE68307-1.jpeg


Changing the Display Mode will only change the background color of the text in the eTextBook.


Margin & Line Hight Display Options


Small Margin   Medium Margin   Large Margin
IMG_8F1434896D46-1.jpeg   IMG_D4494CA06262-1.jpeg   IMG_FEE7FE1A7E35-1.jpeg
Small Line Hight   Medium Line Hight   Large Line Hight
IMG_B0A2FB811A3B-1.jpeg   IMG_4882885BFFE0-1.jpeg   IMG_E8EFC374BCAE-1.jpeg


Reset to Publisher Format




If you make a setting that you decide is not appealing, you can always use the option to reset to publisher format.

Please note: what is shown above is while viewing an eTextBook that is Reflowable (ePub) formated. Below is what you would see while viewing a Fixed (Pbk) formated eTextBook.


Reader Display Preferences for Fixed (Pbk)




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