Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Bookmarking

Can I bookmark a page in a Bookshelf Online eTextBook?

An eTextBook page can be Bookmarked using the following icon in any eTextBook or using the "+" icon in the Bookmarks Workbook section of an eTextBook.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_9.56.43_AM.png   IMG_905FD4B0859B-1.jpeg


How do I view my eTextBook Bookmarks?

To view your Bookmarks, you will use the following icon to open the Workbook. Then you will select the Bookmark tab to see the page or pages you have Bookmarked in your My Bookmarks section of an eTextBook. Selecting the Bookmark will take you to the page bookmarked.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_9.57.58_AM.png   IMG_2A62CFD26CB7-1.jpeg




How do I remove an eTextBook Bookmark?

Go to the page that has the Bookmark, you will be able to tell due to the icon will look like the one below. Tapping on the icon will remove the Bookmark.


Bookmarked No Bookmark
IMG_D19CD4BA5EE5-1.jpeg IMG_85CC6165B2BF-1.jpeg


How do I add a Bookmark in the eTextBook Workbook?

You can use the "+" icon to the right of the My Bookmarks title to add a Bookmark of the page you are currently on as well.


IMG_8029CF3775F1-1.jpeg IMG_0E666D5273E7-1.jpeg IMG_1FC2614CDBD5-1.jpeg IMG_DF7A5142B4C4-1.jpeg



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