Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Workbook

What is the eTextBook Workbook?

It is where the studying tools reside, Highlights, Notes, Bookmarks, and Flashcards.


How do I get to the eTextBook Workbook?

You will use the following icon to open up the Workbook.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_9.57.58_AM.png   IMG_46292EE0DAD7-1.jpeg


What are the options in the Workbook?

Annotations (Highlights and Notes), Bookmarks, and Flashcards are within the Workbook of any eTextBook.


IMG_46292EE0DAD7-1.jpeg   IMG_E48951C48249-1.jpeg   IMG_9B7957ADAAC4-1.jpeg



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