Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook More Options

What is the More Options section of my eTextBook?

What's New, Help, Feedback, and My Account options are within the More Options menu.


How do I access More Options in my eTextBook?

You will select the following icon to open More Options.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_9.58.13_AM.png IMG_21E85B701E3A-1.jpeg




What are the options within the More Options menu?

In the More Options menu, you will find the Read Aloud, Print, Beta Features, Help, and My Account links.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-29_at_11.32.08_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-29_at_11.32.24_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-29_at_11.32.37_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-29_at_11.32.47_AM.png
IMG_5362F61CEFC7-1.jpeg   IMG_A26C955BC70F-1.jpeg   IMG_F4E6AB6A8964-1.jpeg   IMG_2A901E8EA52B-1.jpeg
It goes over new features added to Bookshelf and gives access to the Help Guide.   Gives access to the Help Guide and Support Articles, along with a link to email Support or call.   Select a category, "Kudos,"  "Book Issues," "Bugs in the app," or "App improvements and ideas."   The My Account option takes you to where you can update your email address, name, password, and security questions.



Please let us know if you need any further assistance by contacting our Support Team.