Bookshelf Application for iOS eTextBook Note-taking

How do I take notes in my Bookshelf iOS Application's eTextBook?

Anytime you select text to create a Highlight, the following menu unless you have turned on Fast Highlighting. You then can select "Note." Creating a note this way will create the Note with the first Highlighter shown at the top of the menu.


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After selecting the text, you want, you will get the following options, select "Note."   After selecting "Note," you will then have the option to enter the text you want.   Selecting the Checkmark icon will complete the note; you can tell when a Highlight has a note by the icon to the left of the highlighted text.


Can I add a note to an already created Highlight?

You can select the highlight you want to add a note to and then select "Add Note" in the menu.


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The yellow highlight does not have a Note attached to it.   Tapping anywhere on the yellow highlight will populate the menu seen above.   Selecting "Note" will bring up the option to add a note.   Selecting the Checkmark icon will add the Note.


Can I change a Note?

You change a Note by tapping on the content of the Note that needs updating. That will open the Note back up and give you the option to change the text and save the changes by selecting the Checkmark icon.


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To change a Note, you will tap on the Highlight with a square to the left of the Highlight.   Select "Note," which will allow you to see the Note created for that Highlight.   Tapping on the words in the Note will bring up the option to update the text.


How do I delete a Note?

You can delete a Note by tapping on the Highlight that has the square to the left of the Highlight, indicating there is a Note associated with the Highlight. You will then follow the steps above to bring up the option to change the text within the Note. Deleting all the text in the Note and then using the Checkmark icon will remove the Note for the Highlight.


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Remove the text and tap on the Checkmark icon.   Notice how there is no longer a box to the left of the Highlight; therefore, there is no Note.


Where can I see all my Notes?

The Workbook is the location within the Bookshelf iOS application to see all your Notes. After you tap on the Workbook icon under Annotations, you will see all your Highlights and Notes. Highlights that have Notes associated with them will have the Note displayed below the Highlighted text.









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