Bookshelf Application for Mac Reader Preferences

What are the eTextBook Reader Preferences?

They allow you to customize how the eTextBook is displayed on your device, and manipulate Highlights.


How do I open up Reader Preferences in an eTextBook?

You will select the following icon to open the Reader Preferences in an eTextBook.



Screen_Shot_2021-08-06_at_10.43.49_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-08-06_at_2.50.04_PM.png
Display Preferences Highlighters Preferences


Why do my Reader Preferences look different in each of my eTextBooks?

Depending on the format the publisher created your eTextBook in, you will see different options for Reader Preferences.


Screen_Shot_2021-08-06_at_10.43.49_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-08-06_at_2.49.22_PM.png
Reflowable (ePub)   Fixed (Pbk)



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