Bookshelf Application for Mac eTextBook Note-taking

How do I take notes in my Bookshelf Application for Mac eTextBook?

Anytime you select text to create a Highlight, you will be presented with the following menu unless you have turned on Fast Highlighting. You then can select "Add Note." Creating a note this way will create the Note with the first Highlighter shown at the top of the menu.






Can I add a note to an already created Highlight?

You can select the highlight you want to add a note to and then select "Add Note" in the menu.



Can I change a Note?

You change a Note by clicking on the content of the Note that needs updating. That will open the Note back up and give you the option to change the text and save the changes by selecting the checkmark.


Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_2.14.18_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_2.15.40_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_2.16.40_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_2.17.39_PM.png
Select one of the following icons.   That will open the Margin Pannel.   Clicking on the text will allow you to update, then click on the checkmark to save the changes.


How do I delete a Note?

When you click on a Note, you will be presented with an "X" icon to delete the Note.





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