Bookshelf Application for Mac eTextBook Page Navigation

How do I navigate pages in a Bookshelf Online eTextBook?

Turning the page or navigating to a particular page in an eTextBook can be accomplished in a few ways.

You can navigate through the book by scrolling up or down in a Reflowable formated eTextBook, for Fixed formatted eTextBooks you will use one of the following to navigate through the conten.


You can type the page number you need to navigate into the Go to Page section of the page navigation area of Bookshelf Online and use the Return key.




You can also control the page navigation through the movement of the Page Navigation icon.




The Table of Content view also gives you the ability to navigate by page, please visit the Table of Content article for more details.

Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_2.47.28_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_2.48.44_PM.png
Fixed Format Reflowable Format



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