How to sign into the Bookshelf Apps through Single Sign-On

How to sign into the Bookshelf Apps through Single Sign-On

From your computer or mobile device, access your VitalSource eTextBook through your LMS (Learning Management System) and tap the book link. Your browser will take you to Bookshelf Online, where you can begin reading your eTextbook.


Downloading & Accessing Bookshelf Mobile Apps

Once you have launched Bookshelf Online via your browser, you can access the offline mobile apps quickly and easily from any of your eTextbooks by clicking the More Options (3-dot menu) and then Download App.



Instructions to download and access the app will be displayed. Using your device camera, scan your personal QR code. You will automatically be navigated to the app store for your device to install the app. Click Launch and you will automatically be signed into Bookshelf. Note: Amazon Fire users will need to download the app onto their device before scanning their personal QR code




Already downloaded the mobile app? 

If you have already downloaded the mobile app, launch the app and tap Scan QR code on the Bookshelf sign-in screen. Locate your personal QR code in the online browser platform by opening your eTextbook and clicking More Options (3-dot menu) and then Download the Once you scan your QR code, you will automatically SSO into the mobile app. 




Accessing Bookshelf App on a Mac or Windows Computer

Install Bookshelf on your computer and read your eTextook in Bookshelf:

  1. If you do not have Bookshelf installed on your computer, click the Download App button on the More Options menu (3-dot) from within the eTextbook.
  2. On the Download App page, click the version of Bookshelf for your computer and download the app.
  3. Go back to Bookshelf Online, on the Downlaod App page, click the Desktop App button for your computer and you will be automatically signed into your account.

Any books downloaded to Bookshelf on your personal computer will be available for offline reading. You will not need to go back to your LMS to read your eTextook.


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