Exporting Highlights and Notes

How do I capture/save highlights and notes outside of Bookshelf?

You can export your notes and highlights from your Online Bookshelf library. At this time we do not support exporting notes and highlights from the offline apps.


Within the Workbook section of Bookshelf, there is an Export option. Export will create a printable or downloadable copy of your highlights and notes.




Use the Workbook icon to open the Workbook. First, make sure you are on the Annotations tab of that window, then you will select the Export icon.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_9.57.58_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.13.27_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.13.48_PM.png

Workbook Icon


Annotations Tab


Export Icon


When you select the Export icon, you will get a popup window for printing, containing all the highlights and notes you have created for the eTextBook you are currently viewing.




The highlighted text will be on the top with the note you created, in bold letters, on the bottom of each highlight box.




Due to the way highlights exports are created, it is helpful to have each highlight you use named for the chapter, subject, exam, act you are creating the highlight to assist you.


Note: previous versions of Bookshelf used Microsoft One Note integration, VitalSource is no longer incorporating that integration.



Please let us know if you need any further assistance by contacting our Support Team.

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