Gradebook Scoring

Gradebook Scoring

The Gradebook displays student scores on assessments and assignments. Depending on your course set up, your gradebook can contain columns for any of the following (not limited to) assessments:

  • Practice Completed - student progress on formative on-page practice activities
  • Summative Assessments - typically called Tests or Quizzes
  • Personal Practice - adaptive activities
  • Before You Continue - self-assessment diagnostic
  • Hand-in Assignments - student submission assignments

Remember!  The Gradebook contains useful tooltips on most items to assist you with grading.  Roll-over any underlined item to see the tooltip.


Practice Completed

Score is calculated by dividing the number of completed practice activities by the total number of activities in the module. The percent reflects formative practice activities for which all questions are fully answered in the module. A practice activity is considered complete when a student has answered all available questions in the activity and checked their answers. An incomplete question means the entire activity is incomplete.

This score provides instructors with quick insight into each student's rate of completion on formative practice and adds more context to a student’s summative assessment scores.*

  • Formative practice activities include all on-page Learn by Doing activities + Personal Practice activities if they are available in the course. 
  • If your course has no formative practice the Practice Completed column will show as NA.
  • This score is visible to students via My scores.

Details on scores can be accessed by clicking on an individual score. 


  • First Activity Started: Date and time of first practice activity completed in the module.
  • Last Activity Completed: Date and time of last practice activity completed in the module.
  • Completion: Percent of formative practice activities from all formative practice activities completed in the module.
  • Total time spent in module: Approximation of time spent in the module.
  • Average first attempt accuracy: Rate of first attempt accuracy for all practice questions completed by a student within a module.

You can choose to hide the gradebook Practice Completed Column by using the toggle. Note: Toggling off the Practice Completed Column will not hide the column from student view in My scores.


*This score is the same Practice Completed data that appears in the Learning Dashboard.


Summative Assessments

Score is calculated by dividing the total points available by the number of items a student answered correctly. Depending on your course setup, Summative assessment scores in the gradebook may represent one of the following

  • 1st attempt (the score of the student's 1st attempt)
  • Last attempt (the score of the student's last attempt)
  • Maximum (the student's best score of all attempts)
  • Average (the mean of all student's attempts)

Details on scores and attempts can be accessed by clicking on an individual score. 


Note: How your course's Summative assessments are scored is called out at the top of the gradebook and columns are marked with a tilde. These tildes are also included in the gradebook export.


Personal Practice

The default Score for Personal Practice is based on completion (the percent of the activity's questions that have been completed). Details on scores and attempts can be accessed by clicking on  an individual score. 


Hand-in Assignments

Hand-in assignments are scored by instructors using a the Rubric Grading tool - see Grading Hand-in Assignments.

Student submissions that have not been graded appear as a checkmark. Grading and details on submissions can be accessed by clicking on an individual checkmark.


Once a Hand-in assignment is graded, the score will appear in the gradebook and details on scores and attempts can be accessed by clicking on an individual score.