Bookshelf for Android and Kindle Fire

<div class="left"> <div class="image-android image-square">&nbsp;</div> <div class="download-button"><a href="">Download <div class="store">From Google Play</div></a></div> <div class="download-button"><a href="">Download <div class="store">From Amazon</div></a></div> <div class="download-button"><a href="">Release Notes</a></div> </div> <div class="main show-popular"> <p><span class="wysiwyg-font-size-medium">VitalSource Bookshelf&reg; is the most used e-textbook platform in the world today. Portable, interactive, cost-effective. Smart.</span></p> <p><span class="wysiwyg-font-size-medium">Download your books to your Android smartphone, tablet, or Kindle Fire and access them in the VitalSource Bookshelf. They are completely portable; use them whether you are connected to the Internet or not.</span></p> <p><span class="wysiwyg-font-size-medium">Bookshelf is a free download and available for Android and Kindle Fire.</span></p> <h2>Android</h2> <dl><dt>Latest Android Version</dt><dd>5.0</dd><dt>Android Post Date</dt><dd>1/9/2018</dd><dt>File Size</dt><dd>24 MB</dd><dt>System Requirements</dt><dd> <ul> <li>Android 5.0 and later</li> <li>Access to the Google Play Store</li> <li>Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.</li> </ul> </dd></dl> <h2>Kindle Fire</h2> <dl><dt>Latest Kindle Fire Version</dt><dd>4.0.2</dd><dt>Kindle Fire Post Date</dt><dd>1/9/2018</dd><dt>File Size</dt><dd>23.7 MB</dd><dt>System Requirements</dt><dd> <ul> <li>4th Generation Kindle Fire 7" or later, running Fire OS or later</li> <li>Access to the Kindle Fire App Store</li> <li>Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.</li> </ul> </dd></dl> <h2>Supported Languages</h2> <p>Catal&agrave;, Cymraeg, Dansk, Deutsch, Dutch, English-UK, English-US, Espa&ntilde;ol, Espa&ntilde;ol-MX, Fran&ccedil;ais, Fran&ccedil;ais-CA, Gaelic, Icelandic, Italiano, Norsk, Polski, Portugu&ecirc;s, Portugu&ecirc;s do Brasil, Pусский, Suomi, Svensk, T&uuml;rk, če&scaron;tina, &Epsilon;&lambda;&lambda;&eta;&nu;&iota;&kappa;ό, ภาษาไท</p> </div>