Disability Services Office (DSO) Title Request Process

Disability Services Office (DSO) Title Request Process

At VitalSource, we have a long-standing commitment to accessibility, and supporting campus Disability Services Offices (DSO) is an integral part of ensuring positive learning outcomes. DSO personnel can request access to titles in the VitalSource catalog to evaluate digital content on the Bookshelf platform on behalf of a student. 


VitalSource cannot give access to any content accessed from a publisher's site, such as Online Resource, Online Resource Bundle, or Courseware. Therefore, to obtain evaluation access to direct publisher content, you must reach out to the publisher.


To request access, please send an email to accessibility@vitalsource.com from your institution's email address requesting access to an ISBN. Upon verifying your DSO position, we will email you a VitalSource code, which you can use with Bookshelf.


Please email accessibility@vitalsource.com if you have any questions or comments.


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