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Finding exactly what you need across a range of titles is easy in Explore. We’ve fine-tuned our search to provide results that have the closest match to both the keywords you enter and your past reading and search behavior, ensuring the most relevant titles can be easily and quickly found. The more you search and use content, the better the results.

Explore’s powerful search tool makes it simple for you to find the right content:

  • Spelling and Plurals - no need to worry about misspelled words or plurals - we’ve adjusted our result criteria with these in mind
  • Special Characters - results have full language support that includes special characters.

There are two main ways you can search for content in Explore: Search across all titles and Search inside a book:


Search across all titles

  1. In the Explore tab, enter a title, author, ISBN, word, or phrase in the main search box and click Enter – Explore will search across the full range of titles and different collections you have access to:


nb: enclosing multiple search words in quotation marks will refine the results to show only instances of those words as an exact phrase, e.g., “profit and loss.”


  1. Explore will show results from both the books you’ve already started reading (‘Content in My Books’) and all the other titles in your available collections (‘Book Matches’). Click on a title in either section (or click Open Book if prompted) to launch that book in the reading pane:



Explore searches for your keywords inside books as well as across title names – so you can quickly find relevant topics and sections at the sub-chapter level as well as subject matter at the title level:

  1. From your list of returned results, click on the search icon mceclip2.png when hovering over a title in Book Matches or on a title thumbnail in Content in My Books to open the search results pop-up window:



  1. The search results pop-up window appears screen-right. You can then click on any of the individual keyword search results for that title (highlighted yellow) to open the reading pane and jump directly to that page inside the book:



  1. Once inside the book, your keyword search results for that title carry over and are shown in the Search Menu mceclip5.png (screen-left). Click on further results in the Search Menu to jump to that page in the book:



Click the mceclip7.png icon to return to your activated titles in the My Library tab, in the reading pane. You can then return to your entire subscription content via the Explore tab and perform further searches as required.


Search Inside a book

As well as searching across all subscription titles by keyword or phrase in the main search box, you can also search directly inside an individual book without having to launch that book:

  1. Hover over a title in the Explore Click on the search symbol mceclip8.png to open the Search Menu (screen-right):



  1. Type a keyword(s) or phrase in the search box and hit Enter. This will show all the matching results for the keyword(s) or phrase inside that book. This helps in understanding what’s in the book and provides relevancy ranking while searching. Next, click any of the results (highlighted yellow) to jump to that page inside the book:



  1. Inside the book, you will see the location of that search result in the reading pane (highlighted orange) and all other search results in the search menu (highlighted yellow):



Note: once a book is activated from the Explore tab, it copies to your personal list of titles in the My Library tab for an easy way to continue reading later.

Any searches performed on the My Library page will return results across only those titles you have already activated. Click back on the Explore tab to access your additional subscription content.



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