Access Publisher Courseware From Your Learning Management System (LMS)

How to access your Courseware (via SSO):

Follow the steps below to manage your access decisions and access your online resource or online resource bundle.

1. Access your institution's Learning Management System (LMS). In this example, we're using Canvas.

2. Navigate to your course, then click on your course materials. The text appearing on this button will vary.




3. Click on the Load Course Materials Dashboard button. The text appearing here will vary, too.




Your current opt-in decision will appear in a bubble in the middle of the courseware card. You have until the date listed on the card to "opt-out."

  1. To opt-out, click on the "Want to opt-out?" button. You will be prompted to answer why you've opted out.
  2. Once opted-out, you will have the option to opt back in until the date listed on the card. Once the opt-out period has ended, a Buy Now button will appear. Click the button to purchase the courseware from your bookstore outside of the IA program.

2021-05-17_13-36-43.png     2021-05-17_13-36-43_-_2.png


Click on the Launch Courseware button to access your courseware. 

Have an access code?
When you click/tap "Reveal Access Code," the drawer comes out from the right with the information about the code, instructions, and publisher URL.


Screen_Shot_2021-06-04_at_11.03.32_AM.png    Screen_Shot_2021-06-04_at_11.03.42_AM.png


How do I get additional assistance?

If you need more help getting access to your eTextbook, we have you covered. Contact VitalSource Support for free help, 24/7.

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