Health Sciences Students FAQ

Health Sciences Students FAQ

Congratulations on graduating, your VitalSource library is ready to go with you.  All of your eTextbooks and notes you used in school are now yours, forever, without any additional fees or costs.  Please see the FAQs below for help getting started with VitalSource post-graduation.

I've graduated now what?

Congratulations! Upon graduating, access to your VitalSource Library changes.  You will now have lifetime access to all of the eTextbooks you had throughout your medical schooling.


Do I lose access to my eTextbooks?

No.  As stated above, you now have lifetime access to your eTextbooks through one of our native apps.  You can install Bookshelf on two mobile devices and two computers. If you get a new computer or mobile device, you can deactivate older devices to add new ones.

Please visit for a complete list of supported computers and mobile devices.


What about my online access?

Upon graduation, your online access to your eTextbooks expires.  You will have lifetime access to your eTextbooks on a supported phone, computer or tablet.


How do I access my books on my computer or mobile device?

Download your eTextbooks to your computer or mobile device is a three-step process:

  • Download Bookshelf on your computer or mobile device from,
  • Sign into your Bookshelf account with your email address and password
  • Download an eTextbook to read it with Bookshelf. 

If you have any questions or issues along the way please contact Support.


How do I change my email address?

You can update the email address you use with VitalSource by logging into our account center and changing your email address.

Should you run into issues, contact VitalSource Support for help 24/7.


Where do I get new books?

As you pursue your career, you can add the latest titles in your concentration to your library by purchasing them from the VitalSource Store.


How do I get additional assistance?

If you need more help getting access to your eTextbook, we have you covered. Contact VitalSource Support for free help, 24/7.



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