Activate titles in Explore

The titles available to you are arranged across different content lanes. You can scroll down to see different lanes and across individual lanes to view all the titles arranged in that lane. In addition, titles can appear in multiple lanes, depending on how they are classified and intended to be found.

There are different ways to activate a title in Explore and start reading:

  1. Hover over a title and click Open Book to launch Bookshelf’s reading pane in the same browser window and start reading:



  1. …or click Book Details to see information about the title before you start reading:


You can then launch the title directly from the information window by clicking Open Book.


  1. In the Explore tab, you can click on any content lane name (in blue):



 …to filter your selection of available titles:


 Click the arrow symbol mceclip4.png to return to the previous page.


  1. Similarly, if you have access to publishers’ branded collections of content, click on the collection lane name (in blue):



…to show the branded page for that collection of titles:



  1. Click on Back to Explore or navigate through the My Library and Explore tabs to return to your subscription content.


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