‘Unavailable Content’ Notifications

When either concurrency limits or borrow limits, or both, apply, you’ll receive a notification in the information screen when trying to activate a title from a subscription if either limit has been reached and the title is not currently available to borrow.


  • When a concurrency limit for a title has been reached, no further copies can be borrowed until another user returns their copy or their loan period expires. You will see a message stating all copies are currently in use and asking you to check back later.


  • When you have reached your borrow limit for a subscription, you cannot activate any further titles from the subscription until a loan period expires or you return an activated title. You will see a message stating your limit has been reached, showing the number of titles you have already activated, and providing the option to return a title to be able to activate further titles:



  • In addition, if you have reached your borrow limit for a subscription when you hover over a new title in the subscription’s content lane, you will see a ‘Borrowing limit reached’ notification informing you the title cannot be currently activated. Click View Details to open the title’s information window for further details:




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