Password Best Practices

Password Best Practices

VitalSource is committed to providing the most secure Bookshelf eTextbook delivery platform possible. Please find below a comprehensive list of Password Best Practices.

Password Creation Requirements

  • Passwords must be eight or more characters in length;
  • Passwords must have at least one capital and one lowercase letter;
  • Passwords must have at least one special character (i.e. !@#$()%^&*).
  • Bookshelf will not accept the following symbols in passwords: + ; space

Password Creation Tips

  • Create an alphanumeric password with special characters that are eight characters or greater.
  • Rotate your passwords regularly. We recommend changing passwords at least every semester.
  • Develop a difficult-to-guess but easy-to-remember password that incorporates memory devices.
  • Use a Password Generator to help create passwords for you.

Password Best Practices

  • Do not use all or part of your name in your password.
  • Do not use a password of all numbers or a single, repeated letter.
  • Do not use a word contained in any dictionary.
  • Do not reuse or recycle passwords.
  • Never use the same password for more than one account.
  • Never share a computer account.
  • Never tell a password to anyone, including people who claim to be from customer service or security.
  • Never write down a password.
  • Never communicate a password by telephone, e-mail, or instant messaging.
  • Make sure to log off before leaving a computer unattended.
  • So your account is never compromised, make sure you change your passwords whenever there is a suspicion that someone could have acquired the password.
  • Operating system passwords and application passwords should be different.


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