VitalSource Bookshelf Password Policy

VitalSource Bookshelf Password Policy

VitalSource is updating our Bookshelf password policy as part of our continuous service to you to provide the most secure Bookshelf eTextbook delivery platform possible. 

The new password requirements for creating a strong password will be as follows:

  • Passwords must be eight or more characters in length;
  • Passwords must have at least one capital and one lowercase letter;
  • Passwords must have at least one special character ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ { ] } \ | ; : ’ ” , < . > / ? space 
  • Passwords must not be reused.

Additionally, when you update your Bookshelf password, we are requesting you update your security question and answer as well.

Updating Your Password

  1. During the password policy rollout, users will be presented with the screen above when attempting to access their books in Bookshelf Online.  This screen will appear once the user has authenticated into Bookshelf Online.
  2. Users will first need to choose and answer a security question from the New Security Question drop down and type in an answer in the Answer text box.
  3. Then, in the New Password text box, users should enter in a new password that aligns with the updated password policy.
  4. Then users should confirm their new password by re-entering the same password in the Confirm New Password text box.
  5. Finally, users will click Submit to save their new password and be taken to their eTextbooks.


Will the users be prompted to update their password in Online only or will there be a password update prompt in the Desktop or Mobile clients?

Only in Bookshelf Online. Mobile users who are on a recent version of the app will not need to log in again after they change their password within Bookshelf Online.

Do users have to know their original password to update?

No. Users will have already authenticated into Bookshelf Online so they will not be prompted to enter their old passwords to update. 
What will a user see when they are updating their password?

The screenshot above is of the current design a user will see when updating their password. 
Do you have any recommendation for Password Best Practices?

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