What to do if you are missing an eTextbook

What to do if you are missing an eTextbook

Make sure you signed in with the right account and are using the most current version of Bookshelf on your device. If you still don't see your missing book, learn what to do.


Before you begin

  • If using an installed app to read your eTextbook, make sure that you have the latest version of Bookshelf  for your computer or mobile device. 
  • Sign in with the email address that you used to purchase or download the item initially.
  • If you know you have multiple accounts with VitalSource, contact VitalSource Support  and we will merge them for you. 

If you don't see the book that you want to read:

  • Did you sign in with the correct email address?  If not, sign out of Bookshelf and sign in with the correct email address and password.   Reset your password  if you do not remember what you used. 
  • Did you remember to redeem your VitalSource redemption code?
  • Did your access expire? Install and sign in to Bookshelf for your computer or mobile device to see if your Online or Offline access expired.
  • If you are missing a Publisher Access Code, please contact VitalSource Support  for help.

If this was a purchase from the VitalSource Store:


If this was a purchase from a bookstore (either the physical store or the online bookstore):

  • Double-check with the bookstore that VitalSource needs to fulfill the order.
  • Does your receipt have a link to prbs.io at the bottom? Here's how to redeem your eTextbook. 
  • Did you receive an email after your purchase with an activation link?  Follow these steps to read your book. 
  • You may need to update your library to see your eTextbook. To do so click Tools > Update Library in Bookshelf Online or the Update Library button in any of the Bookshelf apps.

If your school provisions your book through your Student Portal:

  • If you had access to your book earlier in the semester in Bookshelf but no longer have access, go back to your class page in your student portal and once again click the link to access your book. 
  • Please let us know  if you are unable to find your book after going back and accessing your book through your class page in your student portal or if you no longer can access your class page.

If you are an instructor and sampled a title from the Educator's (Sampling) Portal:

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