The Videos Will Not Play in My eTextBook(s)

Why will my eTextBook videos not play?

Textbooks will not always include videos; occasionally, videos are only offered with Courseware versions of an e-textbook. Courseware is typically provided directly from a publisher's site, not VitalSource's Bookshelf application.

There are multiple ways that VitalSource's partnering publishers include content for textbooks that previously, with hardcopy (paper) versions of textbooks, would have been included from a secondary platform, such as a DVD.

  • "Baked in."
    • You will be able to watch the included video within the textbook.
  • An External Site:
    • Videos will be linked to a publisher's direct website through a link within the textbook. This requires an active Internet connection.

Please note: if you right-click on the video reference and are unable to get an action other than to copy the text you see on the page, the video is not included with the version of the textbook in your Bookshelf Library.


Why does the eTextBook have a reference to a video?

There are occasions you will only see a reference within a textbook on the VitalSource Bookshelf platform.

  • Looking in the Preface of the textbook, there will be a reference to a publisher's Courseware site:
    • Pearson titles will show reference to My(the subject)Lab or REVEL, for example.
  • Searching for the print ISBN for the title on the publisher's site
    • If there is a reference for this textbook on the publisher's site that references Courseware, it is unlikely our partnering publisher intended for this version of their title to include a video, which is why you only see a reference for the video.



Errors are seen when attempting to play the video.

  • Clear the cache if attempting to play through a browser.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Attempt to play through one of our downloadable Bookshelf applications
  • If you were trying to play through the Bookshelf application, try to view through the online access of Bookshelf
  • If there is a link for the video and you are getting an error, right-click on the image and select "copy link location." Open a new browser and paste that URL to see if you can access it from that link. Try another browser.


Still, having issues? Reach out to our Support Team.

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