401 Error - Unable to recover BusinessCenter context/"Uh Oh, your Launch was Unsuccessful"

401 Error - Unable to recover BusinessCenter context / "Uh Oh, your Launch was Unsuccessful."




Error Code Cause

Users will see this error when they do not have Cookies enabled in their browser.  The link cannot open a new tab in the browser or clicks a link meant for an LMS integration outside of the LMS.


Follow the VitalSource LTI Tool & Cookie Issues steps to enable Cookies in your browser and allow your browser to open new tabs when clicking links inside your LMS. If enabling cookies and allowing tabs to open in your LMS does not resolve your issue, follow the steps in the For More Help section below to submit a support request to VitalSource for assistance.  

NOTE: Effective Jan 2024 Google has updated 1% of all their users to limiting third-party cookies whether the user set it that way or not. Even if a user has changed this before, please check the settings again as Google may have updated them.


For more help

To report this issue to VitalSource, please do the following:

  • Submit a request using the VitalSource Error Support Form.
  • In the error code drop down, enter the title of this Article.
  • Fill out all of the fields and include a copy of the error message you received. Please provide a screenshot of the error, the time stamp on the error code will help us troubleshoot the issue.

VitalSource Support will follow up with you after we resolve the issue or additional steps to troubleshoot.

Please note that reaching out to VitalSource Support outside of the webform may cause delays in resolving the error code.

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