Password Reset Request, No Account Found

Password Reset Request, No Account Found



Welcome to VitalSource! If you recently attempted to reset your password at VitalSource and received an email stating that we could not locate an account for you, this may have happened for a few reasons.

  • Your VitalSource account is under a different email address
  • Your VitalSource account was never configured after accessing via your LMS
  • There was a typo in your email address on account creation
  • You access your account via Social Login (Google or Apple ID) and not directly via email address.

It's important to note that if you are accessing your account via an alternate login method (Google, Apple ID, or a link in your LMS) then your Bookshelf account may actually be under a completely different email address (such as your school's .edu email, a .com email, etc). If you regularly access via a social login or LMS please sign in that way, go to the Account Center, and locate the email address that is used in My Account.


We first recommend confirming if your account was created using a different email address. If you still have difficulties, or if you believe your account should be under the email address you entered, please contact Support.


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