Bookshelf Support for Mac OS, iOS, and iPad OS Betas

Apple Betas and Bookshelf Support

VitalSource is a long-time member of Apple's Developer Program. We recommend not using any Apple beta with Bookshelf, due to the number of known operating system issues it contains.

We feel safe to say that these betas are unstable and buggy, as beta software should be.  They are buggy, crash-prone, and they do lose data. 

Due to the state of the betas, there is no guarantee that the VitalSource Bookshelf program will work properly. Our developers are working through the bugs, new software requirements (i.e., App notarization), and updates to within the betas and anticipate having functional versions of Bookshelf ready for their release dates.  

VitalSource cannot support the latest betas from Apple, and we recommend that you revert to an official production release of the operating system for Bookshelf to function correctly. If you have any questions or need assistance with the Apple operating system, please contact Apple support.


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