Getting Started with the VitalSource Store

Getting Started with the VitalSource Store


The VitalSource store allows users in particular territories to purchase VitalSource eTextbooks and have the books directly added to a VitalSource account. In addition, users outside these territories can purchase VitalSource eTextbooks from participating authorized resellers in their country.

VitalSource's current eCommerce Stores are as follows:

US (Including American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)


New Users

Change your region by clicking the flag icon on the top menu and selecting the country you reside:



Next, click Sign In, then on the box that pops up, click Create a VitalSource Account.




You will be required to provide your educational goal (Student, Educator, or other), first/last name,  email, and a secure password.


After you create your account, start searching for your books.


Using the VitalSource Store Search bar


At the storefront, you can search by ISBN, Title, and Author

Once you start your search, you can sort by Relevance, Author, and Title; you can also Browse Subjects.


Please Note: Occasionally, you might search a Print ISBN and the search results show an option like demonstrated below:




This is due to the publisher of this title placing two different eTextbook formats of that Print ISBN on our platform. At this time, the only way to know what format you are purchasing is to reach out to VitalSource Support for the answer.


Select your preferred access and complete checkout

Some books have options for length of access. If the book you chose has rental options, they will be on the details page alongside the purchase options. Click on the button beside the option you need, then click Add to Cart.


PLEASE NOTE: "Lifetime Access" means your access to the downloadable version of your book for computer and mobile device will not expire. Effective June 15th, 2021, titles with perpetual licenses will have a duration of five years for online access (up from one year of access). This duration is also retroactive for store users who have purchased titles with perpetual licenses since 2016.


Click View Cart and Checkout to checkout, or click or tap the "x" to close the window to add more books to your cart. 




Once in the View Cart and Checkout Section



Please Note: PayPal is not available in all the VitalSource eCommerce Stores.

Fill out all required blanks at the order screen, including payment information and your billing address. No shipping address is required as this is a digital purchase. At this time, the VitalSource Bookstore only accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, or prepaid credit cards with a valid address in participating territories.

Please Note: Customers in Argentina must enter their 3 letter block code after the 4 digit zip code in order for the purchase to complete.


Once your purchase is complete!

Click Read Now to start reading your book with Bookshelf Online. For information on accessing your book using one of our apps, please visit our Support Page.


Tip: You can purchase VitalSource textbooks directly through the web browser on your mobile device. To access purchased books, download the VitalSource Bookshelf application and sign in to your VitalSource account.

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