Error When Entering Credit Card Information

Errors When Entering Credit Card Information

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VitalSource takes your privacy and credit card safety seriously. For your security, we will verify several things when you enter your credit card information during the checkout process:

  1. The address you are entering matches the store you are purchasing in.
  2. The address you are entering is a valid physical address. 
  3. The address you are entering matches the address registered with your financial institution and is the same address listed on your billing statement.
  4. The credit card is not expired.
  5. The credit card you are using is a valid payment method. 

Please Note: At this time, the VitalSource Bookstore only accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or prepaid credit cards with a valid address in participating territories.


Current territories of the VitalSource eCommerce Stores


VitalSource also has a Bulk Order Store (the US and US Territories, CA) or various International Bulk Order Stores, where friends and family can purchase a redemption code for a book that a student needs. See information regarding Bulk Ordering with VitalSource

If you encounter any issues while purchasing your books, or your account becomes locked, please contact VitalSource Support.



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