Requesting Receipts

You can print or download receipts from VitalSource Store purchases in the VitalSource Account Center. Follow the steps below to access the VitalSource Account Center from the VitalSource Store

Requesting receipts from the VitalSource Store

From the VitalSource Store link, click on the head and shoulders icon shown here:


Clicking on the icon will bring up the following options. Select "Transactions and Refunds" to navigate to your Account Center.


Step 1 - From the  Transactions & Refunds link find the purchase you need to have a receipt of and select the Details & Refund.


Step 2 - In the list of your purchases, click Details to view and print your receipt for any VitalSource Store Order


Step 3 - Click Print Receipt to print your receipt (please make sure you have any pop-up blocker disabled for this page).  The Account Center will generate a receipt for you to print.

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