How to Refund a Purchase

How to Refund a Purchase

We want you to enjoy your purchase from the VitalSource Store; however, if you need to return an item, we're here to help.

For detailed information on our return policy, please see the VitalSource Refund Policy



  1. Go to the User Account icon (The Head and Shoulders), to the right of the "Redeem," and click "Transactions and Refunds."
  2. That will take you to your Transactions and Refunds page.
  3. Select the "Details & Refund" link on the product you want a refund.
  4. On the product purchase detail page select "Request Refund" and follow the prompts.

Please Note: Once you complete your refund request, it may take up to 2- 10 business days to post back to your account; this action only needs to be done once.



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