Adding recommendations sent to you by Publisher Representatives

Adding recommendations sent to you by Publisher Representatives

Learn how to view and add Publisher Recommendations sent to your email.  

Before you begin

Publisher Representatives will occasionally send recommendations to add to your Faculty Sampling Library to your email address. 

For each title, you have the option to add the book to your library or decline the recommendation.  

If you do not have a VitalSource account, you will create one before you can add the recommendation to your library.  If the email address your Publisher Representative sends your recommendation to is different than your existing VitalSource Account, you can contact VitalSource Support, and they will assist you with Merging your accounts. 


1 Receive an email informing you of your received a publisher recommendation

In your inbox, you will receive an email from your Publisher Representative, informing you that they sent you a recommendation through VitalSource. 



2 Visit and add or decline the Publisher Recommendation.

Visit If you already have a VitalSource account, sign in with your existing credentials.  If you are new to VitalSource, click the, Create an account link at the bottom of the sign-in window to Create an Instructor Account for the Faculty Sampling Portal  



3 Add the title to your library or decline the recommendation. 

Locate the title your Publisher Representative sent you.  Click the +Add to Library button to accept the recommendation and add it to your library.  If you are not interested in the title, press the Decline button to remove it from your Dashboard.



4 Activate Sampled Content

Shortly after adding the recommendation to your library, you will receive an email that has a link to click on that will add the title to your Bookshelf account.  Click the Add to Library button to add the eTextbook to your Bookshelf Library. 



5 Read your sampled title

After clicking on the link to add the book to your account, you will be able to read your eTextbook in Bookshelf Online. 


Get help

To learn what to do next, find your issue below. If you still need help, contact VitalSource Support.

The Publisher sent the recommendation to an email address different than the email address I use with VitalSource

If your Publisher Representative sent you a recommendation to an email address you do not use with VitalSource, we recommend you creating a new VitalSource account to accept the recommendation and then contact VitalSource Support. Support will assist with merging your accounts.  Don't forget to follow up with your Publisher Rep and provide them your current email address.

If I receive a message that says, "We are sorry, we detected an issue with your account" when trying to add a Publisher Recommended Title to my account? 

When you go to sign in to add a Publisher Recommendation to your account, you receive the error message, "We are sorry, we detected an issue with your account"  Please contact VitalSource Support for assistance. 

I do not see the Faculty Sampling link when visiting

The availability of the Faculty Sampling Portal might vary by country or region. Learn what's available in your country or region. 

If you are not receiving emails from VitalSource

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